The rolex day date replica Octopod Clock is now available

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How is that possible? The clock's time mechanism is made up of a clear base plate that has been heavily coated with an anti-reflective coating. This makes the going train seem like it's floating in space. The baseplate is also held by a multiaxis stabilizer (or gimbal) so that it is always upright,rolex day date replica no matter how you position the Octopod's head.

But here's the best part, and the most amazing thing about the Octopod. It's that the going train's regulator organ is part of this clock's minute hand. The clock is a tourbillon, although not in its traditional sense.

The Octopod will now be available in three versions: blue PVD (black),omega de ville replica watches and palladium(silver). There will be 50 pieces of each type.

Technical Specifications: rolex day date replica Octopod


L'Epee manufactured and designed the manual winding mechanism in-house; hours and minutes; with regulating organ mounted at minute hand; 192-hour reserve.

Spherical Body

Two Polycarbonate hemispheres, legs and frame made from rolex day date replica stainless steel, nickel and palladium-plated brass.