The rolex replica watches LM Split Escapement Titanium green

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rolex replica watches adds a Grade 5 titanium-green dial variant to the LM Split Escapement watch.

11.78mm is the number to keep in mind when discussing the rolex replica watches Legacy Machine Split Escapement.

You can see that this is the exact height for the balance shaft in the timepiece,omega constellation replica watches and the single element that makes the magic of its dial possible.

The Split Escapement, which was first announced in late 2017 was the fifth chapter of rolex replica watches’s Legacy Machines. It brought to the center a common denominator for all of the LMs so far: the balance wheel (or wheels in the case LM No.2) being suspended above the watch face.

The Split Escapement is different from its older siblings because it has its escapement components separated above the dial. You'll notice that the balance wheel is located at the end of the 11.78mm shaft. You can see the caseback only from the underside of balance shaft to find the escapement wheel, and the pallet fork.

The LM Perpetual's escapement mechanism is also split, but it's difficult to believe that this piece of engineering was the main focus. The LM Split Escapement is the technical highlight.

The launch edition of the timepiece was only available in white-gold,rolex replica watches with four options for frosted dials. Two years later, rolex replica watches announced a titanium version of the LM Split Escapement with a green CVD treated dial. The watch continues a tradition by rolex replica watches in that they offer different materials and dial treatments after the initial launch.

You can read more about the launch editions for the LM Split Second here.

Technical Specifications


Manual winding movement; hours and minutes;rolex replica watches date; power reserve indicator. 72-hour power reserve


44mm x 17.5mm Grade 5 Titanium


Hand-stitched brown alligator strap with matching titanium folding buckle

Timepiece available in 33 pieces